Sunday, 19 June 2011

MARCH~150.7 39-31-42

I started off doing my power walking late at night~along a creepy, dark unlit road~armed with my barbeque lighter flashlight!  I kept my cell phone in a zip-lock bag to keep it dry in the rain~I don't  wear a watch.  I must have been a sight! It was cold too!  After several nights wearing my fleece jammy pants and freezing, I picked up some wind pants and a couple of fleece tops and a water resistant jacket.  Walking was way more comfortable after that!  
And I kept plugging along with my diet changes.  Found glass water bottles at Starbucks.  'Biggest Loser' is almost over.  I know I'm doing well, but have no idea who else is in the contest...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

FEB 2011~154 POUNDS

Feb brought a new set of challenges, as my partner and I had a huge blow-out.  Already living apart, we declared ourselves 'done'.  With impeccable timing, it was 4 days before Valentines Day..
Amp up the motivation!  After all, if I was going to be single, better to look hot!  Blood-pressure creeping up? (thanks Mom, for the genetics!)  weight loss just might reduce it.  And the upcoming high-school re-union in June?  ((Shudder!!))  Yup~health and vanity~powerful motivators!
Somehow I stumble onto 'No Excuses Workouts' on the interwebs and sign up at the end of the month.  Feb 28th marks my first power walking interval..

JAN 2011~158.4 POUNDS 40-32-43

Nearly 160pounds!  Seeing that number shocked me!  Something inside clicked and I was ready to do this.  There were two categories in our contest, one for those using a specific diet plan and one for those using any other means.  I had decided to do my own thing, I knew anything involving writing stuff down, counting calories, fat grams or carbs wouldn't work for me.  Ditto for diet plans involving pre-purchased meals, bars or shakes.  I needed to make changes I could live long term with and that meant changing my eating habits.  
Sooo~coffee cream~out.  Fat-free cream~in.
Sugar~reduced.  The coffee still had to be drinkable!
Alcohol~out.  Water, water, water~in.
Salad dressing~changed to calorie reduced.
Bread~out.  Huge salads~in.
Anything that could be changed to low fat~in.
Desserts and cupcakes~out.
It was a start, and the first week I lost 3 pounds.  It was encouraging!

DEC 2010~

I'm pretty late gettin' the party started here, but it's OK~just have to update a bit!  Late last year I realized with dismay that none of my pants fit!  I needed to wear a fat-sucking garment with dresses, and I needed another party dress since last years didn't fit~again.  And I needed a bigger fat-sucking garment.   In the past 5 years I'd gained 30 pounds and I was done with that!  We were running a 'Biggest Loser' type competition at work starting in January~I signed up...