Saturday, 18 June 2011

FEB 2011~154 POUNDS

Feb brought a new set of challenges, as my partner and I had a huge blow-out.  Already living apart, we declared ourselves 'done'.  With impeccable timing, it was 4 days before Valentines Day..
Amp up the motivation!  After all, if I was going to be single, better to look hot!  Blood-pressure creeping up? (thanks Mom, for the genetics!)  weight loss just might reduce it.  And the upcoming high-school re-union in June?  ((Shudder!!))  Yup~health and vanity~powerful motivators!
Somehow I stumble onto 'No Excuses Workouts' on the interwebs and sign up at the end of the month.  Feb 28th marks my first power walking interval..

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