Saturday, 18 June 2011

JAN 2011~158.4 POUNDS 40-32-43

Nearly 160pounds!  Seeing that number shocked me!  Something inside clicked and I was ready to do this.  There were two categories in our contest, one for those using a specific diet plan and one for those using any other means.  I had decided to do my own thing, I knew anything involving writing stuff down, counting calories, fat grams or carbs wouldn't work for me.  Ditto for diet plans involving pre-purchased meals, bars or shakes.  I needed to make changes I could live long term with and that meant changing my eating habits.  
Sooo~coffee cream~out.  Fat-free cream~in.
Sugar~reduced.  The coffee still had to be drinkable!
Alcohol~out.  Water, water, water~in.
Salad dressing~changed to calorie reduced.
Bread~out.  Huge salads~in.
Anything that could be changed to low fat~in.
Desserts and cupcakes~out.
It was a start, and the first week I lost 3 pounds.  It was encouraging!

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