Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 17th~

Weight's hovering around 135-137.  I'm finding it's a little tougher to lose these last 10 or so pounds, despite power walking nearly every day!  Am hoping to lose them by the end of the summer, in time to have boudoir photos done for my birthday and family photos done for holiday cards~obviously 2 different sessions!
Yesterday I went to a former co-workers' home for a wine-tasting party.  It was a hoot and a half!  I'm not much of a wine drinker, I prefer the fruity-girly martinis~and have a horrendous alcohol allergy, particularly wicked with white wine~but took some medication (proving the better living thru chemicals theory! :)) and was able to sample some of the reds.  My own offering tho, was a bit more complicated.  Unable to find my current fave, 'Whipped Cream Vodka' at the government grocery, (we get it at a little specialty shop nearby) I decided to pick up 'Tuscan Lemonade'  a yummy pre-mix martini-in-a-bottle.  But when my ride was on it's way, it was nowhere to be found!  After frantically searching, I finally grabbed our bottle of Whipped Cream Vodka from the cupboard and some orange juice from the fridge.  And there it was~chilling!  No surprise really, 'cuz ya want it cold!  So I took both.  And as good as the Tuscan Lemonade is, the Whipped Cream Vodka was the party hit! Mixed with OJ it's an instant creamsickle! It's excellent in hot chocolate, and mixed with root beer it's just like a root beer float!  Seriously, it's the best thing ever, and no one there had heard of it.  We had some terrific drinks and appies and it was so fun catching up with people I no longer work with.  Best of all, I actually lost weight between yesterday and today!
(photo by: Karin C.)

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