Monday, 4 July 2011

JULY 4~135.8

Remember the Biggest Loser contest?  Picked up my prize on Friday~Canada Day!  I had a Turquoise and silver ring made!  It was so exciting to see it, I'd talked to the jeweller about the stone, but had no idea what the finished ring would look like.  I love it!  It's bold and one-of-a-kind~alot like me!  Well, not that I'm bold, really,  but definately one-of-a-kind.
Friday was Canada day.  Mostly I chillaxed.  Made maple mini-donuts in the afternoon.  In the evening I power walked to a nearby lake to catch the fireworks~they were awesome!  And then power walked back home...
Saturday found me overcoming my fear of propane as I barbequed!   Sunday too!  Bacon wrapped chicken and sliders, both with huge salads.  Today I'm quite tired and taking the day off.   I'll be back at 'er tomorrow!
Am going to do my body a favor and get to bed early tonight...

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